Jul 16, 2022 • 1HR 37M

E04: Diagnosis Is Not A Privilege w/ Maggie Leppert

"They convinced us that being seen as ill would make us respected, and they lied."

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Take a ride through the weird and terrible world of capitalist mental health
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What’s it like to be a survivor of psychiatric oppression? What was the a-ha moment that made you see the system for what it was?

We asked our listeners recently and got some great responses, a few of which you’ll hear in the beginning of this episode, and then we talk to psych survivor Maggie Leppert (@thebooksmartbimbo) about psychiatric gaslighting and wokewashing, why talking about informed consent is not med-shaming, how psychiatry co-opted anti-stigma work from survivors, and her work on Mad in America’s Suicide Hotline Transparency Project.

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