Aug 28, 2022 • 1HR 14M

E05: How To Be An ADHD Boss

Regulate, manage, optimize!

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Ayesha Khan, Ph.D.
Jesse Meadows
Take a ride through the weird and terrible world of capitalist mental health
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Are you eating enough blueberries to optimize your dopamine? Did you make sure to take a timed cold shower this morning after your Peloton workout to increase your neurochemical satisfaction by 500%?? Are you manifesting hard enough???? FIND OUT TODAY! We’re taking a dive into the world of ADHD Boss content on TikTok, a pseudoscientific iteration of some very old bootstrap brainwash.


Neoliberalism and the Commodification of Mental Health paper

Capitalism Loves Neurodiversity, As Long As It Is Profitable (from Ayesha’s newsletter)

The Capitalist Origins of #Manifestation (from Jesse’s newsletter)


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