Calling all psych survivors: share your story

Hello D-landers!

We’re keen to build community on here, and we really want to carve out some spaces to share experiences and resources outside the anger machine of algorithmic apps.

So, without further ado: our first discussion thread!

We’re working on E04 now, which features a fantastic conversation with a psych survivor and advocate (whomst you may already know and love), and we thought it would be cool to give ya’ll a chance to chime in on the show, too.

We’re interested in your experiences navigating the psychiatric system and how you got to a more critical place.

You can respond to one or all of these questions, with the understanding that we may pick your comment to quote on the next episode. (You are welcome to comment if you don’t want to be quoted on the show, but please specify if you do not want us to quote you!)

We want to know:

  • What experiences radicalized your views on psychiatry and mental health?

  • How did you come to see your mental distress through a political lens? 

  • What’s the most annoying misconception about psych abolition that you’ve encountered?

We hope that these threads can be cathartic and educational, a balm or maybe even a catalyst for someone who is struggling to make sense of their pain. Please keep it respectful and kind, and refrain from giving others unsolicited advice. We reserve the right to delete anything rude or mean!

If you have any questions for us on this topic, feel free to ask those too, and we may answer them on the show. Thank you for being here, we appreciate you, and we would love to hear from you.

Okay, ready, DISCUSS!