E02: Kill the Executive In Your Head w/ Marta Rose

E02: Kill the Executive In Your Head w/ Marta Rose


Is executive function “a set of capitalist values masquerading as skills”? Neurodivergent educator and artist Marta Rose thinks so!

We sat down with her to talk about:

  • her journey from diagnosis to critical disability theory

  • how creativity research and design thinking can offer us alternatives to the pathologizing framework of executive function

  • The ADHD Industrial Complex!!!

  • how much of our “symptoms” are actually just shame & trauma

  • what it’s like to build community on the internet

Plus: a new segment we’re calling What’s Hot in Disorderland, where we talk a little shit about the latest psych news! This week, we discuss a survey that found the richest countries have the worst mental health, take the world’s most depressing personality quiz, and Ayesha explains why the DSM continues to be so damn vague. 


2:28 Mad in America report about mental state of the world

4:56 The Mental Well-being Test

12:47 New DSM version

25:09 The vagueness of diagnoses is on purpose

31:00 Interview with Marta

34:30 Creativity research vs executive dysfunction

45:30 Marta’s diagnosis story

53:04 Design thinking

1:02:00 How shame gets pathologized

1:11:00 The ADHD Industrial Complex

1:18:10 Marta’s digital peer support work

1:25:00 The perils of parasocial relationships

1:29:00 Social media is for finding each other

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