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Are you tired of your daily 9-5 grind? Are you drained by the capitalist hellscape we live in that makes you feel defective, disordered, broken and diseased simply because you struggle to conform and assimilate into a fundamentally unjust society? Does our productivity-obsessed, materialistic, self-centered culture make you wonder if we live in some kind of simulation? Well, have we got the podcast for you!

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It's like Disneyland but much, much worse!

Our podcast is an exploration of pathology culture and an abolitionist take on the world of mental health, trauma, and neurodiversity. 

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Diagnosis culture is blowing up online, but there’s a serious lack of critical media bridging science, medicine and social justice to explore things like neurodiversity, trauma, psychiatry, and how our context shapes our collective psyche. 

As neurodivergent survivors of the psychiatric system, we’ll share what we’ve learned and talk to thinkers, artists, and activists who are working to replace the pathology paradigm with a model based in collective care and liberation. 

Your guides through Disorderland:

You may know Jesse as @jessethesluggish on Instagram or as the writer of Sluggish.

Jesse is an autistic writer, multimedia artist, and PDF collector who started out making memes about their psych diagnoses and ended up doing critical ADHD studies. Their work focuses on re-politicizing mental health, critiquing the biomedical model of mental distress, and exploring ways to make meaning outside the pathology paradigm (which currently has a lot to do with snails). They have a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and in former iterations, they’ve worked as a documentary photographer, a local news journalist, and a bartender.

You may know Ayesha as @wokescientist on Instagram or as the writer of Cosmic Anarchy.

Ayesha is a neurodivergent Infectious Diseases Scientist, Germ Doctor, grassroots organizer, writer, anarchist & abolitionist educator discovering the science of social justice, decolonization, collectivism, neurodiversity & liberation. She is a Siddi (Afro-Indian), queer immigrant from a Muslim/Hindu family born in Bangalore, India, and grew up migrating between several countries from Russia to Saudi Arabia, spending most of her childhood in the Middle East. As an educator, she crafts unique, creative educational pedagogy to break down complex scientific or political concepts to make them accessible to everyone.

She received her Bachelor's in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics, and Global Studies from the UCLA in 2015 where she was also a researcher at the Neuropsychiatric Semel Institute, studying the intersections of Autism and poverty in families in New Delhi, and at the Brain Mapping Center, studying Bipolar “Disorder”. She obtained her Ph.D. in Infectious Diseases from the UT Health Science Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2020. Dr. Khan is currently a Clinical Microbiology Fellow at Vanderbilt University. Her research focuses on the development of infectious diseases diagnostics and novel treatment strategies to combat antibiotic resistant superbugs in low-resource settings.

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Germ Doctor, Infectious Diseases Scientist, Abolitionist Community Organizer, Artist, Anarchist & Educator Decoding the Science of Social Justice➕Collectivism ➕Neurodiversity➕Trauma & Politicizing Mental Health 🔹Work with me: www.ayesha-khan.com